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Lofanga is a small island with a township in Haʻapai

After the main battles on Tongatapu in 1799 Fīnau ʻUlukālala II ʻi Feletoa (Fangupō) returned to his base in Haʻapai to reassert his authority and to fight all chiefs who had been on the hand of Tukuʻaho. When he had won he punished his defeated opponents severily. Some of them were tied to leaking canoes and sent to sea to sink and drown. Others were brought to Lofanga, tied to trees and stakes on the beach and left so naked in the sun to die from hunger and thirst. It is said that since, still at night the surf of the sea, or the roaring of the sea in subterraneous caverns, resembles the groans of the dying people.