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Fīnau Filimoeʻulie/en

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Tāufaʻāhau, Fīnau's older (step)brother, was quite angry with his mother, Hoamofaleono and her then husband Moimoiʻangahā about her having this child. He ordered it to be abandoned on the reefs of Vainī, to put it in the strong currents, to die. This would have been at Mataʻaho, in the lagoon.

But that night Fīnau Alakihihifo, daughter of Kaufusituʻa Kumāikuvalu Maʻafu, (Hoamofaleono's brother?) took the child away and brought it in safety to Kolonga in the hands of Moimoiʻangahā. His brothers Langitoutai and Teʻehalakamu next brought it to Fakakakai on Haʻano. They themselves stayed and died there, but Fīnau Filimoeʻuli later returned to Vainī to become the next Maʻafu, the line since then known as Maʻafu-tuku-ʻi-ʻau-lahi.

Nevertheless, it is also claimed that Tāufaʻāhau knew and gave his blessing to the move to Fakakakai, so that he would have claims on the island; (Faka-kakai = make (more) people). Indeed still today the southern part of Haʻano is government estate rather than belonging to the original line of the Tuʻihaʻangana. FOKI