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The offspring of the three younger brothers, Niukapu, Nuku and Ngata are also called the ʻUlutolu (triple head). During the time of Ngata, even his son and grandson, they were not yet known as Tuʻi Kanokupolu. Ngata's title was the Tuʻi Haʻamoʻunga.

There were other sons of Ngata, and they, and their sons, were the first contributants to his dynasty, their descendants are known as the old Ngata clan: Haʻa Ngata Motuʻa.

Vakalepuʻahio (short ʻAhio) was Ngata's oldest son, but he refused to accept the Tuʻi Kanokupolu title on his father's death, leaving it to his younger stepbrother Atamataʻila (short Ata). Because he did not like, or felt himself too good, to be a servant to the real king (his uncle Fotofili). At that time the Tuʻi Kanokupolu was still barely any more than that compared to the Tuʻi Haʻatakalaua. Still nowadays the ʻAhio clan, being the head of the Haʻa Ngata Motuʻa, has despite that position, no traditional duties. FOKI