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A kakala is the Tongan term for any plant, be it its wood, flower, or seed, which has a good smell. It is often translated as 'flower', but that is not always correct. It is also a requirement that there is a mythical origin for the plant. As such introduced plants, like the kalonikakala are no kakala despite their smell, as there is no (not yet) a myth about their origin invented.

The kakala are divided into 2 groups: the named or known kakala (kakala hingoa, kakala ʻiloa ), which are for the use of the chiefs, and the stupid kakala (kakala vale), which are for the normal people.

Blossoming stages[fatuʻi vahe | edit source]

The development stages of the kakala flowers have been named. Different authorities have different lists however.

  1. fatakau, the flowerbud is absolutely unopened, all parts are as a stick together
  2. tangitangi, budding starts
  3. moto, budding
  4. fisi, flower starts to open
  5. lūpū, flower opens further
  6. mafola, flower completely opened
  7. mae, withering starts
  8. maheikau, the flower is withered now
  9. maheilau, the flower bends down
  10. ngangana, the flower falls