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(Lea fakapilitānia pē)

Administrators are trusted members of the community who, with community approval, have gained permission to use a few extra administrative tools. These include being able to delete pages, block vandal users, and protect pages from vandalism. Administrators do not have a special authority over other users in debates, votes, etc. – all users' opinions count the same.

Users wanting to be administrator (or higher) can suggest so below. They should also advertise it on the Fale fakataha. Once approved, the administratorship can be requested at meta:Requests for permissions.

List of current administrators[edit source]

The full list can be seen here

New requests[edit source]

List of former administrators[edit source]

  • Aurevilly was temporary admin on January 16, 2005 to ban a user and delete a spam container article

Other administration pages[edit source]